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About MPL

Over the past 20 years or so millions of uPVC doors have been fitted throughout the UK – people had become fed up with endlessly painting and repairing old wood doors and were looking to upgrade security, due in a large part to the increasing number of house burglaries.

MPL VanPVC double glazing soon became the popular choice for householders looking to replace doors and windows. They were drawn to the fact that "it's plastic and therefore it doesn't rot" nor does it need any paint or varnish, the added security - doors that lock in multiple positions (without having to bend down/reach up to fasten the old fashion bolts or latches on wooden doors).

The only problem with uPVC doors is that if the lock fails it takes time to track down that specific part, it's not just a case of nipping down to the local DIY store and picking a lock or handle that looks like it might fit. uPVC is much more complex, firstly there are hundreds of different locks out there and to a certain extent no one will fit in another's place (unlike wood where you can just chisel a bit more of the door out). Most people are so frustrated by looking that they give up and opt to get a new door (costing on average £700).

Here at MPL we have made it our business to source the best possible range of uPVC door locks. Many of which are no longer manufactured. We aim to make the complex business of identifying multipoint locks simple by following our step by step guide on the home page – however if your still unsure as to which lock you require simply give us a call on 01924 360444 where a member of the sales team (who have a great deal of experience in identifying and fitting multipoint locks) will be more than happy to assist you in identifying your lock as well as offering advice on fitting.

We regularly review the market to ensure that stock is up to date, with new locks being developed constantly and older locks becoming obsolete.

We are proud of our website and we hope it helps you find what your looking for – we have tried desperately to make this complex business of ours more user friendly. We would therefore welcome any feedback (whether good or bad).

Many thanks,
Graham Jones